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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Midsummer Epiphany in a Year of Graft

Its funny what jet lag and exhaustion does for a man.

This morning I woke at 6am (far too early) and forced myself to go for the first run of the year (i've a half ironman in 10 weeks, so kind of makes sense) After some initial spluttering it turned out ok. As all you runners out there know, the best thing about a run is that it clears the head and so here i find myself writing my thoughts on paper while my bacon burns...

For those who haven't read this blog before, a quick disclaimer - while I do intend to just jot down my honest thoughts about the world. None of these thoughts are remotely politically correct, so if you have an issue with honesty, or get faux offended by me making fun of fat people, skinny people, tall people, short people, black people, white people yellow people and kind of brownish people, gay people, trump supporters, Inca princesses, the funny way asian people pronounce things, hillary clinton, leftists. (Have I left anything out?) Then don't read this blog.

And of course if you are a winner in life, who shares my 'samui' sense of humour, please read on...

This morning, while 'cleaning out the cobwebs' on this frankly slow and plodding run, like many of you i found myself thinking of my life and what I'm doing, and what I'm not doing, and how to do what I'm not doing and want to do. So i made a few resolutions for myself -

One thing I notice is that while lots of people do new year resolutions, why doesn't anyone do midsummer-resolutions? Its probably a better time to do it to be honest. The sun's shining, there are less temptations, more reason to have a mankini-body. So just to be a trend-setter, here are mine -

1. I won't drink alcohol until 2nd September (this ludicrous triathlon date which i haven't done any training for yet)
2. I won't get married
3. I won't have sexual relations with any animals.

If anyone see's me doing any of those terrible things, I will buy you a drink.

I just came back from Japan so i'll write some quick thoughts on the trip later....

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