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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Last Post

So, dear readers, I'm afraid to say that its likely i'll stop posting on here so often now.

I must admit, it was great fun to write about the various ludicrous situations I found myself in around the world these last few years, and to be honest, nothing has changed in these last 3 months. I had a great time in Japan again, and God knows where else, I forgot now, but I couldn't help but think about the sheer Narcassism of Facebook  posts and all the various blogs out there that make out this amazing fun and happy life lived by everyone, but which is in fact if you're not careful, ends up being lived out for the benefit of your voyeurs.

The reason I began to write this blog was in order to learn how to write better, (and of course to rant a little about the stupidity of the world) and I think i've achieved that to some extent. But to be completely honest and selfish about it, I go on adventures round the world, not for Facebook likes, not for views, or the acceptance and validation of random people, but because I enjoy them, and the writing about them part just became a chore that detracted from the overall experience. It's like taking photos - I really can't be bothered about it any more, because it really ruins the moment.

Anyway, I hope some of it inspired some of you to go out and have your own adventures instead of reading about other peoples.

The good news is that my new book is about to come out, called 'Recession Proof Real Estate', so look out for that, and i'm working on my second novel which I hope will be about 2.5 million times better than my first.

Anyway, farewell and I'll keep the archive on here to amuse you all on rainy days and to ensure my political career never gets off the ground...til then i'll leave you with a few recent photos of Japan...

Shinto Temples at night are Pretty Spooky places

Me and a random official guy

Only in Japan....

Confirming my ongoing fight to promote sexism throughout society

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  1. Found you :) It's Mackenzie! Keep in touch!