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Monday, 3 June 2013


What I love about Panama (i'm here playing poker, really badly) is the warmth of the latino race.

Personally I hate cats, but I understand they increase blog hits, so here is a cat, from Panama

The whole region, probably thanks to the much maligned but actually not so bad catholic church, completely lacks political correctness, and is much better for it - black guys are just like black guys in the west, except without the white liberals patronising them all the time and making them victims, so they're free to be themselves. Women, (who seem to all have photoshopped backsides here) seem quite happy being women, feeling not much need for screeching harpies demanding that 50% of all coal miners and racing drivers should be girls. Even fat asian people, at least in the poker room here, seem quite ok with being called 'El Chino Gordo'.

As you can see, Cocaine trafficers also need banks, lawyers, hotels and apartments...

As a result of course, society actually works. People have functional nuclear families who love and support each other. Divorce rates are low. Fetuses are neither eaten nor aborted. The burden on the taxpayer is minimum and of course although efficiency probably isn't that high thanks to the lovely weather, business are free to make profits without having to subsidise irresponsible idiots and the left wing parasites of the job-for-life public sector, who seem to be the only ones who's interest is served by the state.

Much of the old town is still sketchy, but it's getting there. Strange to see a lovely Art Deco building sitting there though. 

Panama' wealth though wouldn't have been possible without the help of the USA. The panama canal of course, is a world monopoly, as is the cocaine money laundering business, and both can be traced back to Uncle Sam without much digging.

I've yet to explore the rest of the country - something I really want to do soon, but what i'm beginning to like about Panama City is that it's beginning to form itself as THE hub of southern central america - i.e. its the only city of any decent size/interest in the region so it's emerging as a base for Europeans fleeing Spain and Italy, as well as Americans fleeing their own warmongering, tottering nation.
Training for the Guernsey Graniteman and looking increasingly like the one man wolfpack, yesterday. 

Anyway i'll leave you all to get back to your dinner. I just wanted to make the latest post on this blog a little less scary than the last...

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