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Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Photo-Tour of Saigon

Ok, i'm going to put all my travel photos up here now, rather than Facebook, since here I have some confidence that they aren't selling on my photos to dodgy sites...

I'll write something later today about Vietnam (and perhaps Dubai) where I just spent New Years - Vietnam was amazing, so here's a first batch of photos from Saigon for ya all...

I do by the way, appreciate all the views and comments here. I will one day work out how to make some money from this blog, but meanwhile, while I still enjoy it and am happy writing and travelling for free, I wish you all a late Happy New Year!

Lunchtime Saigon Style

Exploring the City with my Kamikaze Motorbike

A bit of French Colonial (Saigon Museum of Fine Art)

Changing City

The Real City

Weird city...


This is how they build

The famous 'Rex Hotel' Roof Garden...(google it)

I love the trees in Zone 1 (combined with the truly blissful, seamlessly beautiful chaos, which is Saigon traffic) 

Barbers shop, Saigon

Don't do this while driving behind a taxi that will knock you down any minute

I love exploring these little lanes, not a lonely planet loser in sight!

Sidesaddle, nice!

View from the Pagoda in zone 3 (which one, I can't tell you)

Fruity Bhudda

Pagoda time...

Being a monk is cushy

So you don't have to live in this chaos

Sugar Cane Drink Machine

Zee Zermans got Everwhere !

Typical Saigon style

Angry Bird

Pagoda Entrance

Maybe it aint so Glam after all...

Fat guys exchange words...

Before the Storm Starts...View from my room

Evil Kinievel does Saigon 

Elf' N Safety in Saigon. Yes there are 5 people on that Scooter (plus shopping)

A mere three people is nothing but childs play

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