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Friday, 30 March 2012

Inane Blethering Regarding The Banality of the Middle Class Latino Ghetto

In a desperate attempt to find some kind of culture in Managua, I've gone to TGI Fridays for Buffalo Wings (and to digest todays Torygraph ) only to realise that the dance music they are playing, I often run to. A sad reflection of my 400 years of inbreeding indeed.

And what am I doing going to TGI Fridays for culture anyway? (options...Dominos, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Macdonalds, or rice and beans and tacos. No thanks!) At least this sunday its the big Cock Fight in Leon. I hope we can eat the sorry losers at the end. Adrenalin chicken, can you imagine that? Now theres culture.

I found out last night from Kevin, my Gringo Poker buddy, that a bus driver was just caught as part of a gang who had been robbing and killing foreigners here, out in Greytown (an old Pirate den on the caribbean) Ho Hum, so thats that destination off the itinerary for this i'll spend a day or two more in the superficial faux American life in middle class Managua, more for my own personal safety than anything else.

Apologies for lack of posts lately. I finally finished the first draft of my first Novel (more details later) and am frantically trying to turn it into a readable piece of work. Well you'll see one day.

Ok now back to some ice cream and 'requim for a dream' a weird choice after a dinner of Whitney Houston (I have no sympathy it was your own fault) and Eric Prydz. How has what was once a promising life come to this?

Please, dear friend, If i begin to get used to this life. If i begin to post photos of what I have for dinner or what bar/restaurant i'm in and with who on Facebook, do me favour. Just kill me......oh no Bon Jovi... Blaze of Glory....i'm going to the bathroom to do this (by the way, Harold and Maude is a strange, strange movie but one i highly recommend. After this film, it gives you the same feeling as...remember when you read your first 'Flashman' ?

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