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Friday, 4 March 2011

Outdoor Life in Jaco

While it doesnt have a square inch of culture, Jaco does have a lot to do if your into sport and outdoor things.

It even has an active Yoga class, called Aurora Yoga, beside the Wok restaurant on the main street, which i went to last night (in English too!) actually its pretty useful for cross training and is only $5 a session.
Get drunk and try it

There are plenty places for running (all the running stuff is on this amazing link) but personally i prefer just to run on the beach as 1. all the girls can see you and dream 2. The sand is a good running surface and 3. the beach is exactly 5km long, so you can do 'laps' . A girl today told me theres a good trail up behind on the south end of the beach with a good view so ill maybe check that out tomorrow.

Playa Hermosa, makin' it look easy
The surfing here is good for beginners and intermediates - the waves and currents can get quite powerful. I should plug Jaco surf school here (situated right beside Bohios) because they are not only good guys, i got really lucky against one of them at poker the other night ;o)  For more experienced surfers though, Hermosa, just on the next bay is more what your looking for.
Jaco beach running track

Ups its another one of those 'private eye' reading sports fishers
There are also a large number of americans who come for 'sports fishing' , which i understand has some connection with buying cheap hookers and getting drunk in bars with remotely fish sounding names, as thats all i ever see these guys do.

Really, the whole country is full of sport - kayaking, rafting are also all over the place. But one thing i didnt see any of was Chess. I mean, comeon, the place is jam packed with surfers and no chess??? What the hell? A day in Kuta in Bali (which is quite a similar place) would be all about some good food, surfing, a massage on the beach afterwards, and a good game of chess with some random local guy or a chinese tourist (why are chinese so bad at surfing but good at chess?)

Anyway, if anyone in Costa Rica is reading this and would like to challenge me, im up for it, otherwise im declaring myself Costa Rica Chess champion.

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  1. Aurora Yoga is a great place for classes. I am glad that you found it!