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Saturday, 26 March 2011

One week until Morocco

Well, with less than a week to go before my impending death in the Sahara desert, in the Marathon Des Sables so I thought id share with you the following link from the Darwin Awards. Actually this Badwater Ultramarathon looks like a really interesting race - 32km and the (fit and heatlhy guy about my age) cops it though, great to know just before a 254km race in the desert eh.

I think the first day in the desert will be only 20 odd miles (about the same as this guy went until he died) and believe you me in this kind of heat, water is a big issue (and salt) I understand though im allowed one saline drip without penalty, then any after that you get time penalties.

So no problem then.

Id like to say as Estonias sole entrant, im very well prepared and am training every day and eating properly and so on and so on. But im not, I havent trained for a week, and ill pay the price next week, im sure of it. I'll knock out a 30km run tomorrow and another one in the week and i think that will do it I hope.

Thankfully im stubborn as a mule, and im relying on that to complete the race (that and the bet i have on with Aaron to complete it, although he wouldn't tell me what kind of life insurance he took out in my name)

I particularly like the fact that the whole arab world is kicking off right now, as im stuuck in among 20million 'sand niggers' (is that the correct military term for arabs?) thankfully Algeria is kind of in the way of Libya and Mali. Im growing a beard just in case, and ill bring a blank book saying 'Quoran' on it just in case. (its not a brand of cereal, its the Muslim holy book)  Knowing my luck ill find myself as a suicide bomber in a month or so.

My hardest task this week is to avoid catching a cold (3 days flying this week and didnt get one, miracle!) or breaking an ankle on the ice (yes, here in Estonia its still mid winter, although thawed to minus 5)

I understand that people are bringing factor 50 to this desert - i mean whats the point in being in the desert if you arent going to get a tan? im bringing this carrot oil stuff, so i can look like a raghead when the Taureg insurgents come to kidnap us.

Anyway,i would like to thank everyone who sponsored the charity im raising money for, and to thank in advance DRINK bar in Tallinn for sponsoring me and giving me free fish and chips, and beer, while training.

For those of you who are conspicious by your abscence on the sponsorsheet (i.e  Estonians ) i would ask you to give generously so the world doesnt think you are the mean and miserable Godless bunch (that you actually are, if im honest about it, no offence)

anyway, here is the link if you decide to be characteristically unEstonian and give to this small charity, or you are normal and like normal people donate to good causes now and again. (by the way, Estonians, id like you to show me im wrong here)  thanks!

 ok now back to sleep....

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  1. I would just like the say thankyou, for the Estonian donations, restoring my faith in Estonians gernal decency ;o)