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Thursday, 25 November 2010


So, as i understand it

1. The original white settlers in America were starving one winter and in some real trouble
2. So the Red Indians decided to be kind and help them, giving them food and shelter
3. Whitey repaid them by selling them whisky, giving them yellow fever, and taking their land
4. And now they have an annual celebration of it. yipeeayay! American Imperialism 1 Pocohantis NIL
5. Do I have something wrong somwhere?

Anyway tomorrow will be my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, since im in USA right now. I understand its great fun and even (bizzarely) Red Indians celebrate it, and there is a lot of food (and if you are in Buffalo, drink)

So, heres a special toast, to that ever expanding (waistline of) America -  Happy Thanksgiving !

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