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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Little Tale of Bullying Before a Big Tale of Adventures and Ghosts.

So my Dad tells me he’s traced our family tree back to Cleopatra, via King Robert the Bruce, and various other murderous butchers including a Viking called ‘Evilheart’ who’s son was sacrificed to Odin.

So it’s with this jovial heart I set off on a little trip round the stranger coves, castles, dungeons and battlefields of Scotland, just in time to watch ‘Braveheart’ again, and to see those lovely, gentle Israelis retaliate against the extreme danger of terrorist Gaza children throwing rocks at their tanks by blowing the whole squalid refugee camp ‘back to the middle ages’ (...em, like they haven’t done that already)

Actually that’s not an issue for me, being a psychopath and all. The issue to me is that their propaganda machine try to morally justify it, as if a brutalized and beaten huddle of prisoner refugees who they stole their country from are some kind of danger to them.

It’s like George Dubya telling people that the Redskins are a threat to USA and so nuking all the reservations, or me going up and punching a crying baby in the face, telling the world that he was about to kill me.

Anyway, nothing surprises me anymore with the grip that these people have on the western world – you have no idea how lucky you are, dear friends who don’t live in the USA, and don’t get pro Israeli violence against innocent people propaganda shoved down your throat (as well as pro-USA bombing evil brutal greedy tyrants who need regime change and have lots of WMA propaganda.) There are people in USA (who've never left plainly) who actually believe that 9/11 was committed by terrorists, believe it or not.

Anyway, its with such cheery thoughts that I go to Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness, Dingwall, and Skye, and I’m about to tell you all about it…tomorrow, because I want to edit a short story I just wrote from a dream I had last night, where I was about to be ritually sacrificed, but decided that I actually loved one random girl and wanted to live instead so I ran out of the room with no trousers on (which was in a luxury hotel) and was chased all over the place by nutcases with robes and knives…

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