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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Ok so heres a guest post from my lovely friend Juliana (who's Birthday it is today!)


Go to the Corn Islands if you want the best Corn.


The Corn Islands are two (little and big) islands in the caribbean, off the coast of Nicaragua. They're pretty isolated, but perfect if you want to see beautiful beaches, get dive certified, and
relax to the max. There is as much connection to Corn as Greenland has connection to Greens (or America has with being free)


Diving. If you stay at Elsas place you get a pretty
good deal. 

Here, and here are links giving a basic rundown of the Islands...looks pretty good fun


Before you run off and pack your are the downsides, thanks to Juliana.....

'Pretty small island with not much adventure wise unless you are dive
certified or are going to get dive certified...( it is a really cheap
place to do it!) 

I wish that I spent less time on the island just due to the lack of adventures. It was
nice to lay on the beach and read as well as experience the Creole
culture though. We were there for 7 days, and I would've ideally
stayed 3-4. It is pretty touristy, and kind of expensive. 

You have to make sure you get cash out before heading to the island as there are
no ATM machines, although some of the restaurants do take cards. 

We stayed in an awesome cabin on the beach for $20.00 a night called
Elsa's place (link above). It was very minimalist---but nice location. There is
awesome snorkeling (which is what I did while Duncan was in his dive
class) You can walk the whole island quite easily, the food is pretty
good too, and the people are wonderful :)..

...sooo there you have it! (photos to follow!)

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