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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mediterranean men 'coming out' over Sheep Love

Finally, as budget airlines stop flying to Eastern Europe from Italy, the number of women silly enough to fall for the braying 'Ciao Bella' of the young Italian on tour, have dropped to such a low level (i.e. toothless Belarusian gypsy crack whores) that, in a brave move facing up to reality, they are moving in for sheep in a big way, according to the Daily Torygraph.

The record number of young Italian men preferring sheep to women is surely at the vanguard of change in Mediterranean males. Greeks have always been pederasts, and Turkish men have been known to love goats more than their wives for centuries. In this internet age, its all now out in the open, and now the vast pent up damn of frustration has broken, its likely we'll see a surge in the 'coming out' of previously macho southern men.

For some reason, confusingly it seems, Spanish men will always prefer making love to chickens.

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