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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The fate of Dogs - Korea and Japan

Eating their pets - Korean Dog Butcher

I notice that the Japanese and the Koreans have a slightly different attitude to their dogs. Koreans eat theirs. Japanese treat theirs a little differently. I don't think i agree with either.

Osaka dogs today - very happy not to be getting eaten any time soon

My friends here were even surprised that you don't find Dog clothes shops, Dog hairdressers, and Dog restaurants in Europe (or do you and i just missed them?)
Dog Restaurant - note, Japanese Lady taking her Dog...for lunch.
Dog fashion, Tokyo style
It seems Dogs in Japan are basically surrogate children for couples who either can't afford children or can't have them. No wonder they're dying out.

There is something eerily dysfunctional though about grown men walking around with dogs dressed in clothes, sitting in pushchairs all day.
Spirit of Japan. Tame wild deer. Ready to eat silly spoilt Dog.
Anyway, i can't say that Western Society is perfect, and there are a great many good things about Japanese culture (like no crime, good manners, honesty) but i mean come - on. 

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  1. People dress up their dogs in simple clothes here in Boston and nyc. Especially in winter. I, too, think it is a bit odd.