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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mid- Life Crisis ahoy !

On another note, the good news was though that i seem to be fully recovered and fit as a fiddle.

With 8 months until my 40th birthday, i expect my mid-life crisis will kick in and a rapid move back to dating girls too young by far, a motorbike, followed by redemption in the form of a swift marriage with children soon after....

The bad news is that 've now been told i'm not allowed to do the 1000 mile run in Alaska until i've done the 340mile one, so i'm 'downgrading' to that one this year. To date no Scotsman has finished the 1000 miler on foot i'm told,   but one Scot is doing it this year - i guess if he finishes at least i'll have a time to beat the next year.

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