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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The dirty holes, drinking dens and generally seedy underbelly of Jaco, Costa Rica

Well, wise people would say not to write a post when still drunk from the night before, but hey what the hell do they know...

I'll start the tale of little Jaco, by telling you about the nightlife here- Jaco is Costa Ricas surfing and party town-  What a weird and surreal place. After ten days we're still trying to work out the scene here.

There are about 6 bars in town. Im afraid none of them anything special (there is definately a market for a normal laid back surfer/backpacker bar here that plays rock or somthing, not stupidly loud techno music (the Ticos have no culture or conversation so prefer these kind of places )  )

Starting at the north end of town, the famous  'Beatle Bar' is i beleive a 100%  hooker hangout - check my previous blogpost, on Jaco - i havent been there this trip but im guessing its not much different from before. Probably a great spot if your a hulking old moutachiod Texan whoremonger (of these there are plenty here, telling their poor wives they are on a 'sport fishing' trip)

A 'sports fisher' , yesterday, probably somewhere in Thailand

100 metres down the road, The Monkey bar is a bit of the same with some normal people too. I had a surreal moment there the other night after the Loft (which offered FREE drinks on Tuesday, FREE!!! I dont understand it but we sure did take advantage of it) where as i was propping up the bar and struggling to open my mouth, one old woman came in with two beautiful teenage girls and introduced them as her neices. The girls i remember danced around and smiled at me for a bit, and then realised i had no idea what was going on, so after one song the whole troupe upped and left in a big white car. My mate didnt remember this incident (he was more drunk that me even) but i assure you it did happen and if anyone can explain this kind of phenomenon then let me know as with hindsight id have probably married both of those girls that night.
Pimps hand going in to stop us taking a photo of a 'gas cooker' at Ladies night in Hermosa Beach last wednesday. (And no i didnt, in case your wondering!)

...Anyway moving down the main street, south, the bars range in a similar but less hookerish manner along the street with Plankton (which is hooker free but is pretty rubbish) , The loft, and Vibe, being all a kind of normal but with a weird mix of nasty hookers and pimps, surfers, backpackers, and drunk old american perverts, who it looks like get fleeced for their money every time they leave their condo. Also there is a smattering of Ticos (local people) most of them are pretty cool but, like with Russian girls, there seems to be a massive grey area between which girls are on the game and which ones arent. In fact, some of my freinds despite dating these girls repeatedly still dont know. My american (female) freind says its the high heels is the giveaway, and of course some of them are pretty obvious, but the regular girls from what i understand also like to get in on the act if they think there is some money to be made. My experience has only been with the (quite active) local volunteer force, but i guess it may be a case of just asking (or just trying to kiss the girls you love), though the answers can be confusing, ie.

1. 'no, you are ugly and no amount of money will make me sleep with you'
2. 'no, what the hell are you trying here? im a nice girl, and i actually liked you until you just tried to kiss me, but now no way, never'
3. 'yes, because i fancy you and im easy/on holiday/drunk'
4. 'yes, but i dont really like you so give me some money and lets go home'
5. 'yes, for money because im a hooker'

so as you can see, its a real grey area. The safest thing to do, dear gentlemen is to stick to the backpacker chicks, at least they speak english and are actually quite nice. Or just play Poker instead (Coral and Morgans Cove have it most nights)

Ok more about the actual town later...

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